New Transcripts Reveal Giuliani’s Lewd Behavior Toward His Rape Accuser, Others

***Lysol Alert***

After a lawsuit filed earlier this year by Noelle Dunphy accusing Rudy Giuliani of rape and sexual abuse, new transcripts from 2019 provided by the former assistant reveal disturbing, disgusting, lewd remarks to his accuser, admittance of an affair he previously denied, and anti-gay and anti-semitic remarks.

Giuliani denied Dunphy’s allegations following the lawsuit, and said the two were only in a brief consensual relationship. He claimed her allegations about romantic affairs, discriminatory remarks, and his “supposed sexual proclivities” regarding Dunphy were false and meant to “portray Mr. Giuliani as a sexual deviant.”

The transcripts were filed in response to Giuliani’s insistence that the judge strike portions of her lawsuit and sanction Dunphy and her lawyer.

Dunphy had alleged that Giuliani had forced her to perform sex acts and abused her sexually in other ways while dangling the promise of job offers.

In other transcript portions:

  • Giuliani revealed sapiosexual feelings toward Dunphy — attraction to another’s intelligence.  “Even — even if I think about how smart you are, I’ll get hard. I’d never think about a girl being smart. If you told me a girl was smart, I would often think she’s not attractive.”

  • Giuliani admitted to an affair with alleged former mistress Maria Ryan, as well as a friendship with Ryan’s husband. “This is the weirdest fucking thing. We’ve had this like, affair for two years and I’m friendly with her husband,” Giuliani told Dunphy, according to the transcript. “Can’t even figure it out.”
  • Giuliani claimed that then-presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg was gay. He also claimed Matt Damon was gay. “Matt Damon is a f–. Matt Damon is also 5’2. Eyes are blue. Coochie-coochie-coochie-coo.” 
  • Giuliani also claimed Jewish men have smaller penises than Italian men. He also was upset about Jews celebrating Passover, a holiday where Jews celebrate the exodus from slavery in Egypt.