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Good Thursday morning, peeps, and Happy Arraignment Day to one and all!

I’m still on Chapter 5 or so of the 45-page indictment that dropped like a nuclear bomb a couple days ago, and I’m not sure if you noticed, but it’s been (a little bit) in the news…

But here at Coffee Talk, we can talk about everything and anything, and sometimes even the suggested alternate topic.

Today’s Topic

Even today’s topic veers only slightly from the Big Event, the main topic, the all-consuming black suck-hole, bottomless void that is Donald Trump — in a Six Degrees of Donald Trump sort of way.

It’s true, and it has to be awkward.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Sophie Grégoire Trudeau are separating after 18 years of marriage, a high-profile split for Canada’s most recognizable political power couple.

Gossip about the Trudeau marriage had circulated in Ottawa for several years, but the discord in their personal relationship never made headlines.


The announcement came on Wednesday.

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Again, Happy Arraignment Day, and I don’t know how that isn’t a good Thursday!

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