Devon Archer Sits for a One on One with Tucker Carlson; GQP Releases Oversight Interview Transcripts

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In a video released Wednesday, former Burisma official at the center of a congressional investigation into business deals involving President Joe Biden‘s son, Hunter, broke his silence on recent closed-door testimony he provided to Congress. Devon Archer told the former Fox ‘News’ host, Tuckkker KKKarlson, he acknowledged that Hunter Biden may have abused that relationship by invoking his father during business meetings in efforts to woo prospective clients, calling it “an abuse of soft power.” (WTF does that even mean?)

Archer claimed that his willingness to work with the younger Biden was largely based around his connections to the then vice president, saying he believed entering into business with him at the time was “a great opportunity for us.”

White House spokesman Ian Sams released the following statement to Newsweek:

“The President was never in business with his son, and even his son’s associates are testifying to Congress that the President never discussed their business dealings and wasn’t involved in them.
No amount of Tucker Carlson’s spin and misdirection, cherry-picking innocuous niceties to try to mislead people, is going to change that, as much as I’m sure the right-wing disinformation machine wishes it could.”

Keep in mind, the GQP’s star witness, Devon Archer, “was convicted on federal tax charges in 2018 as part of a conspiracy to defraud a Native American tribe. The conviction was overturned, reinstated and appealed. Archer is expected to report to prison in the coming months.”

Also, there was a time when Tuckkker and his wife, Susie Carlson, needed some help getting their son, Buckley, 🙄 into Georgetown University. Guess who the ‘lovely couple’ reached out to for help and maybe pull some strings? HUNTER BIDEN 🍷!

“I realize you don’t really know Buckley,” Susie Carlson wrote via email in 2014 to Hunter Biden, a Georgetown graduate and the son of the then-vice president. “Maybe you could meet or speak to him and he could send you a very brief resume with his interests and grades attached.”
Tucker Carlson offered that his son was a good squash player and an excellent fly fisherman. “He loves Washington for all the right reasons, I think,” Carlson added, “and really wants to go to school here.” When Biden agreed to write a letter of recommendation, Susie Carlson added a heap of praise: “Tucker and I have the greatest respect and admiration for you. Always!”

Devon Archer interview transcript released by House Oversight panel

🤡 The HoUsE OvErSiGhT and AccOUnTaBiliTy CoMMittEE 🤡 has released a transcript for its interview with Devon Archer, a former business associate of Hunter Biden.

The 141-page document covers Archer’s hours-long interview Monday attended by 🤡 Reps. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), 🤡Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.) and Dan Goldman (D-N.Y.) with counsel and staffers.

Archer also testified the younger Biden “occasionally” put his father on speakerphone with business partners and others. Goldman emphasized afterward that “they never once spoke about any business dealings.”

***Mr. Schwartz: “Are you aware of any wrongdoing by Vice President Biden?” Mr. Archer: “No, I’m not aware of any.” Do you get that, MAGAts?

GQP Supporting documents found here:

And for ‘shits and giggles,’ let’s play a game of ‘Connect the Dots’ with some random MAGAt:

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