Racial Brawl at Alabama Riverfront Results in Several Arrests

The Montgomery Police Department says four active warrants were issued and potentially more coming following a brawl that apparently split participants along racial lines on the Alabama riverfront Saturday evening.

Several videos went viral surrounding the incident when a pontoon boat refused to move from a space where a riverboat was attempting to dock.

The melee began with a Black dock worker talking to a white man. Another white man launches an attack at the Black man’s head and it was on like donkey kong. A young Black man is seen jumping off the riverboat, swimming to shore to help.

Subsequent scrums continued with white women joining the fracas, although unclear whether they were supporting the white team or trying to intervene.

Officers or uniformed security guards can be seen trying to break things up.

Montgomery Mayor Steven L. Reed said in a statment on Sunday, “Justice will be served.”

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