A Broken Immigration System: New York City’s Migrant Crisis

Below I have posted both video and audio explaining the migrant crisis in NYC. Both are quite informative but nothing will change unless Congress works (yeah, right…too busy investigating Hunter Biden) to fix our broken immigration laws and system.

  • A large number of asylum-seekers have been outside of the city’s arrival intake center sleeping on the sidewalk as they wait to get assigned to a shelter for a bed to sleep in — if there is one available
  • With an average of 300 to 500 people arriving by day, the city is taking new drastic steps, like giving unaccompanied migrants already under the city’s care a 60-day notice to find another roof over their heads
  • “As of July 30, we have 107,900 people in our care, including 56,600 asylum seekers. Over 95,600 people have come through our system since last spring,” NYC Deputy Mayor Williams-Isom says

New York City has long been a city of immigrants, living up to the words on the Statue of Liberty in the city’s harbor. Alone among major U.S. cities, New York has a legal obligation to offer shelter to everyone who wants it — but the current influx of migrants and asylum-seekers is putting that to the test. NPR correspondent Jasmine Garsd joins John Yang to discuss what’s happening.

New York City does not enforce federal immigration law. That is the responsibility of the federal government. In cases where there is a threat to public safety, local law enforcement will work with federal partners to protect the public.

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