Et tu, Shakespeare? Florida Law Prompts Hillsborough County to Only Allow Excerpts

Anti-woke PragerU instruction now allowed

The Tampa Bay Times reported on Monday that schools in Hillsborough County will only allow excerpts of William Shakespeare’s works to be studied.

School officials say that because students need to read more writers, they are no longer required to read the complete books. Spokeswoman Tanya Arja explained it was also in consideration of new Florida laws in the Parental Rights in Education Act.

School board member Jessica Vaughn said on Facebook that teachers had only just found out about the changes, days before schools returned from summer recess.

“Honestly, it feels that much of this is intentional, in order to cause as much chaos in public education as possible, so that the collapse of public education is swift and the agenda of education privatization can move forward with less obstacles,” she wrote.

Teacher Joseph Cool told the Times that Shakespeare’s writings were a bit on the raunchy side because that’s what sold tickets in that era.

“I think the rest of the nation — no, the world, is laughing at us.

“Taking Shakespeare in its entirety out because the relationship between Romeo and Juliet is somehow exploiting minors is just absurd.”

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So, Shakespeare is censored, but Florida Department of Education is teaching indoctrinating kids with PragerU’s whitewashed history.

If you are a teacher in Florida “you can not be fired for using PragerU content.”

What is PragerU?

Here are some examples.

Another lesson challenges climate change.

“Kids are told to fight climate change but are rarely taught about the human cost of reducing emissions. This animated video teaches middle and high school students about energy and the environment through the eyes of young Ania living in Poland, who must face a devastating winter after the Polish government bans the use of coal,” the video description reads.