Make America Florida: Bring On the Malaria and Leprosy

COVID takes a back seat: Here are the 2023 health threats getting all the buzz in Florida

So, DeFacist wants to make America…Florida. NOPE, hard pass! Based on the way the state handled COVID-19, their misinformation/gaslighting, no thanks. Now, the state has seen a rise in cases of both Leprosy and Malaria. Take a seat, Ron and the quack you handpicked as your state’s Surgeon General

COVID takes a back seat: Here are the 2023 health threats getting all the buzz in Florida

Florida has seen multiple scares surrounding diseases since the beginning of the year which may grab the attention of people concerned with their health and potential risks. Leprosy, the rare disease which mostly affects the skin and peripheral nerves, may possibly even become endemic in the southeastern U.S. according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

  • The state reported 9,942 COVID-19 cases in Florida as of the week of July 14. The number of cases in the state had surged in the 10 weeks between May 12 and July 14, initially starting at 5,607 cases on May 12.
  • Leprosy: Central Florida accounts for 81 percent of cases in the region and nearly a fifth of the entire nation’s.
  • Seven cases of the disease Malaria have been confirmed in Sarasota County. This is the first local spread that the region has seen in two decades after eight cases were confirmed in Palm Beach County in 2003. According to the CDC, these seven patients infected by malaria were promptly treated at area hospitals and are recovering.

When will GQPers and other Fundie Freaks bring on the leeches? Dog forbid we embrace science and not listen to Florida’s State Surgeon General, Joseph A. Ladapo, M.D., Ph.D, part of the ‘America’s Frontline Quacks Doctors.’

From NPR:

A recent research letter to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is raising eyebrows amongst medical professionals and the general public. While the U.S. still has very few cases of leprosy, a team of doctors have identified an uptick in cases across the country, and 80% of them are coming from the state of Florida alone. Stranger still, 20% of all cases were identified in one single region of the Sunshine State, Central Florida. We have the authors of that letter, both dermatologists on the line now, Dr. Rajiv Nathoo and Charles Dunn. Thank you for joining us.

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