Trump Abandons “Disloyal” Jenna Ellis

Jenna huffing one of Rudy Giuliani’s farts

His PAC Won’t Pay Her Legal Fees

Ellis signed up for the fame and fortune that so many MAGA grifters dream of. Fox and Newsmax appearances, social media followers, podcasts, MyPillow promo codes. The largess from Mango Mussolini can be intoxicating at first. But, like all deals with the devil, it always comes with a price.

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While the Trump campaign PAC has turned into a slush fund for grandma and grandpa MAGA to send their social security money to pay for lawyers, Jenna is reportedly being frozen out.

Why is Trump abandoning poor Jenna? She committed the unpardonable sin of supporting Ron Desantis for president.

Now, Jenna can pay her own legal bills, continue to get misogynistically abused by MAGA on twitter, lose her law license for life, and meet some new friends at the Fulton County Detention center.

She’ll be fine. She has God on it.

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