Hurricane Idalia ‘Extremely Dangerous’ Storm Reaches Category 4

"These waters are not receding."

Gov. Ron DeSantis said the storm was about to make landfall, estimating it could do so by 8 a.m. Eastern. “Don’t mess with this storm,” he warned, telling people not to put themselves in jeopardy. “It’s going to be a significant, significant impact.”

A catastrophic storm surge will begin soon in the Big Bend area of Florida near where Idalia is forecast to make landfall, the National Hurricane Center warned. Read more about why a storm surge is so destructive.

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From the NewYorkTimes and the National Weather Service/Hurricane center:

  • A storm surge warning was in effect early Wednesday along a 400-mile stretch from Englewood to Indian Pass, including Tampa Bay, meaning more than half of Florida’s western coastline was at risk of life-threatening inundation from water being pushed inland.
  • More than 50,000 customers in Florida were without power early Wednesday, according to, which tracks outages across the United States.