Tennessee Special Legislative Session Ends in Chaos

Before Rep. Justin Jones could officially call for a vote of no confidence of Speaker Cameron Sexton, Tennessee Republicans rammed through an adjournment of the House sine die. Immediately, chaos erupted causing other lawmakers to separate Justin Pearson and Sexton.

But things got more physical when Sexton turned toward Pearson and shouted at him, pointing his finger in the freshman lawmaker’s face. Both men were quickly separated, though, and House Majority Leader William Lamberth brought Pearson to a desk and appeared to try to talk him down.

The session has been repeatedly contentious between the parties, with Jones silenced by a procedural vote Monday afternoon and a walk-out of Democratic lawmakers following. Democrats have been frustrated the last week that no legislation on limiting guns in Tennessee has passed, while House and Senate Republicans have been engaged in a cold war of sorts on the kind of legislation each chamber passed during the special session.

In April, News Views posted a Liveblog – Tennessee Republicans Silence the Voice of the People: White Supremacy, Patriarchy and Fascism Strike Again. The legislature voted to expel both Pearson and Jones but the voters of the lovely state of Tennessee voted them back into office.

Needless to say, Tennessee’s special legislative session did not result in any significant gun safety legislation.

From Yesterday’s Special Session:

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