China Says U.S. Has Crossed the Red Line Warning of Lethal Consequences

For the duration of the Biden presidency, China has continued to threaten the US over giving aid to Taiwan and the cause of Democracy.

The Biden administration has approved the first-ever U.S. military transfer to Taiwan under a program generally reserved for assistance to sovereign, independent states. . . . The package is modest — only $80 million of what Congress had set aside as a potential $2 billion — but the implications of using the so-called Foreign Military Financing program to provide it infuriated China. ABC

Newsweek Reports:

The Global Times, a state-run communist newspaper in China, published an op-ed on Thursday criticizing, the recent $80 million military financing program the U.S. announced for Taiwan and said: “With the increasing number and intensity of its intervention methods, the brewing and imminent storm of lethal consequences for Taiwan cannot be ignored. China’s strong dissatisfaction and firm opposition are obvious, but China’s response to the continuous provocations by the US on the Taiwan question will not be limited to mere statements,” the Global Times added.

A recent poll in the Taipei Times indicates support in Taiwan for “formal,” independence; meanwhile China has just issued a redrawing of its map which includes not only Taiwan but portions of India, Malaysia, the Philippines, Viet Nam and the South China Sea.

“From the peaks of the Himalayan mountains to the shoals of the South China Sea, China lays claim to a vast territory — and a new national map produced by Beijing is the latest expansive conception of its borders to outrage its neighbors.The PhilippinesMalaysiaVietnamTaiwan and India, all of which have territorial disputes with China, have objected to the 2023 version of the country’s “standard map,” released Monday by the Chinese Ministry of Natural Resources. The map includes a U-shaped line that reaffirms Beijing’s claims to sovereignty over almost all of the South China Sea, a resource-rich and strategically important region through which trillions of dollars in trade flows each year. The line extends into the exclusive economic zones of a number of countries.” (NBC)

Mike Madrid is the Co-Founder of the Lincoln Project.