The Woman Kicking Ass in Viral Porta-Potty Fight Video Was Defending Her Mom

A video showing a fight between a group of women near a porta-potty at a Morgan Wallen concert on August 30 went viral earlier this month.

The video shows an argument outside the porta-potty, which resulted in two women ganging up on another woman in a scuffle that ended up with the trio fighting inside the porta-potty. That’s when another women entered the scene, viciously accosting the two women and issuing a beatdown.

In an interview with Barstool Sports that was published Friday, the woman in the video, Dalanie DiSabato, said she intervened because she was defending her mother.

“I just walked out and saw two girls ganging up on my mom. So, I did what I think any daughter would have done and beat the f*** out of them.”

“I had to do what I had to do. My mom was literally getting jumped in a porta-potty. They were trying to put her head in the port-a-potty! I had to save her.”


The mom is in the crocheted top, and her daughter is in the light blue outfit.

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