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Today’s Topic

Some Arkansas guy with distinctive ears was arrested on August 30, and charged with four crimes related to the January 6 Capitol riot.

Nathan Hughes was identified as one of the rioters fighting police in the tunnel at the insurrection.

“The Ears”

Some MAGAts amplified his arrest, and specifically mentioned that the FBI called the manufacturer of his Liberty gun safe, who gave the FBI the passcode to get into it.

Here’s the dude with the unique ears, going on social media to say he’s not doing any “media stuff” right now.

The anti-cancel culture is now canceling the Liberty Safe company because the government came for Nathan’s guns.

“We told you so!! Tyranny!!”

Who do you think will be the first to shoot up their Liberty gun safe??

And before you suggest it would obviously be Kid Rock, who shot up a perfectly mediocre case of Bud Light in protest, that guy has been laying low since he was photographed on August 4 drinking Bud Light.

Rock went radio silent across social media after his last post on X, formerly Twitter, on August 4, in which he gave details of a WWE event he was attending. It was the same for his Instagram account.


What a shame…

I’ll be shocked if there’s anything but a “peaceful protest” from the Second Amendment crowd regarding the Liberty Safe company.

Make it a great Thursday!

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