Senator John Fetterman Dares GQPers to Impeach President Biden: “A Big Circle Jerk”

Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman had some choice words for his GQP colleagues who entertain impeaching President Biden for something, something about using his position as VP to aid his son Hunter, who at the time was in business with Ukrainian and Chinese nationals. So far, the investigation hasn’t turned up clear evidence linking Biden to his son’s business dealings.

“Go ahead. Do it, I dare you,” Fetterman said during an interview with a handful of reporters in his Capitol Hill office on Wednesday. “If you can find the votes, go ahead, because you’re going to lose. It’s a loser.”
“It would just be like a big circle jerk on the fringe right,” the senator added. “Sometimes you just gotta call their bullshit. If they’re going to threaten, then let’s see it.”
“Your man has what, three or four indictments now?” Fetterman said. “Trump has a mug shot, and he’s been impeached twice.”

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However you define ‘more reasonable’ these days, but a few of the more reasonable Republicans have expressed skepticism and concern about House GQPers’ stellar plan:

“I haven’t seen any evidence at this stage to suggest he’s met the constitutional test for impeachment,” Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) told HuffPost on Wednesday.

“Don’t we have enough on our plate?” asked Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska).

Fetterman added the following:

“Nobody would respect it. Everybody would know it’s bullshit ― including them, you know?” he said of Republicans.
“[Donald] Trump has a mug shot, and he’s been impeached twice. It really would diminish what impeachment means if they try it. They must really want to lose.”

-Senator John Fetterman

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