Family Values!: Married SD, MAGAt Governor Kristi Noem and TFG’s Advisor Corey Lewandowski Been Carrying On in “a Years-Long Clandestine Affair.”

Although the Daily Fail originally reported on the MAGAts’ affair and News Views does not recognize the rag as a credible source, our friends over at the MeidasTouch have reprinted part of it.

South Dakota Governor and bigly supporter of ‘traditional family values’ the GQP always rails about but has challenges following has allegedly been carrying on in a “a years-long clandestine affair” with TFG’s advisor Corey Lewandowski. Both MAGAts are married but that doesn’t seem to matter to either of them if the affair is true. Neither have denied their involvement with one another, thus far.

The Republican governor has been married to her spouse Byron Noem for more than 30 years. Lewandowski has been married to his wife Alison for more than 15 years.

Kristi Noem has made family values central to her identity. She has received awards in the past for championing family values and attended the Iowa Family Values summit in 2021.

From an NRA gathering last April:

“Here today with me is my husband Bryon, who has been with me every step of the way. Thank you for our amazing family and all the support. Speaking of family… can you believe I’m a grandma? Not just once either, but twice. For those of you with grandchildren you know, they are why we get up each day and continue to fight for our values.”

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