Video Shows Beetlebert Vaping, Defying Colorado Law

Newly released video clearly shows Lauren “Beetlebert” Boebert vaping at the theatrical production of Beetlejuice in Denver, after her campaign manager denied the allegation.

In the video, she can be seen bringing an object to her mouth, sucking on it, and then blowing out a cloud of vapor. The video also shows the woman behind Beetlebert interacting with the hot mess Congresswoman, who also leaned in to take a selfie with her escort and the woman seated behind her, along with photo flash.

Beetlebert was dancing in her seat, and her escort is seen grasping and massaging her breast for a brief moment.

She was soon approached by theater officials, and escorted out of the building.

Colorado Law prohibits indoor vaping.

Colorado lawmakers enacted the Colorado Clean Indoor Act on July 1, 2019, which prohibits vaping in most indoor public spaces. The law also increased the space in which smoking or vaping is allowed outside of building doorways from 15 ft to 25 ft.

“That’s because the best studies have shown that drifting secondhand smoke can still have an impact on people up to 25 feet away,” explained the tobacco communications specialist for Colorado’s Department of Health and Public Environment.

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