Armed Protester Near Biden’s Delaware Home

An armed protester was spotted walking down the road near President Biden’s Delaware home on Sunday.

The man was wearing a neon yellow and orange safety vest, khaki cargo shorts, tan boots, and a holstered firearm while carrying a sign with several anti-Biden messages.

It was not clear if the Secret Service asked the man to leave the area, but a White House pool report said a Secret Service vehicle followed the man down the road.

Biden was at the Rehoboth Beach residence when the protestor began walking up the street around noon on Sunday. Around 1:18 p.m., the president’s motorcade drove past the protestor on the way to a Delaware Air National Guard base to helicopter back to Washington, D.C. Just after 1:30pm, Biden boarded Marine One.

Spokesperson for the Secret Service Steve Kopek said in a statement, “The individual expressing his constitutional rights had no impact on any of the Secret Service’s protectees’ movements.”

Delaware is an open carry state.

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