The Classless and Anti Semitic Orange Ass Attacks ‘Liberal’ Jews on Rosh Hashanah for ‘Voting to Destroy America and Israel’

In a post wishing users on Truth Social a happy Rosh Hashanah, the former U.S. president lists his past policy initiatives and asks ‘what Natzi/AntiSemite ever did this for the Jewish people or Israel’Share in FacebookShare in TwitterShare in WhatsApp

Former U.S. President Donald Trump on Sunday posted an ominous warning to American Jews in honor of Rosh Hashanah, retreading well-worn territory of dual loyalty tropes and conflating support for Israel and American Jews.

Trump has frequently targeted Jewish Americans for not voting for him, including imploring them to “get their act together before it’s too late,” earning widespread condemnations for “Jewsplaining.”

A poll earlier this summer showed 72 percent of Jewish voters prefer U.S. President Joe Biden over Trump, with 80 percent holding unfavorable views of Trump. Orthodox Jews, however, prefer Trump by a 76-13 percent difference.

In the even he cops a clue and deletes his ‘truth:’

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