Fetterman Offers Unique Deal to House GOP Regarding Dress Code

Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman threw the House GOP a bone on Wednesday morning, promising to wear a suit on the Senate floor next week in exchange for avoiding a government shutdown and support for Ukraine.

But he did it Fetterman-style.

Fetterman’s offer comes after the Senate adjusted its formal dress code, which prompted Republicans to point fingers at his signature hoodie with shorts attire as the reason for Leader Schumer’s quiet decision.

Before Fetterman checked himself into a hospital for treatment of depression, his staff had asked him to wear suits. Upon his return to the Senate, Fetterman checked with the parliamentarian about the dress code, and learned he could wear gym attire as long as he did not enter the Senate floor. He still wears suits to committee meetings when they are required.

Due to his stroke, Fetterman still has an auditory processing disorder that makes fluent speech harder, and he still uses iPads and iPhones to help process spoken words in real time.


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