Free Range Free Chat

No, you are not dreaming. No, you are not in Pleasantville, No, you are not in an alternate dimension. You’re in Monday. Again. Monday’s a day that just doesn’t give up, it keeps coming back, like a stalker or a bad case of the flu.

So what to do with such a day? Here on NV, we think chatting is in order; Free Range is our Monday free chat, all the topics fit to print, differing POVs are fine if discussed in a civil way–those unable to manage civil discussions which enhance the community of ideas can take my 700 Hour Course called “Miss Manners was just the Beginning.”

Chatting requires words and every year, new words are added to our lexicon, just as old words are removed from the dictionary.

I would have guessed “woke” as the most commonly used new word, but it’s probably from 2022 — here’s hoping it will stay there, in the dim distant past 🙂

How about these — ever heard of them?

There are many more new words for 2023 — which have you found– more importantly, which have you made up? I’ve made up several, but they are generally rude references to certain politicians or nasty qualities of same. So in the spirit of starting our chat off all mannerly, knowing we’ll devolve as the day goes on since some things just happen that way, I won’t reveal the worst of my words until later.

Meanwhile, what’s on your mind, plate, screen, page and tree-top? This is a Free Chat, whatcha got?

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