Coffee Talk

Wakey-wakey, eggs and bakey — to heck with carrot juice, where’s the coffee??

I had too much fun watching the kids’ table, food-fight debate last night, and had a hard time falling asleep. Like Nikki Haley’s best line of the night, every time I listen to them all, I feel a little bit dumber!

So here we are, waking up to another day of Donald Trump being the RWNJ candidate of choice, but at least at News Views we have an opportunity to discuss other important matters, the things that are happening in your world, and beyond.

Coffee Talk is Thursday’s free chat forum to let us know what’s on your mind, with an alternate option to discuss today’s suggested topic.

Today’s Topic

Chalk one up for Tish James and New York, prevailing in a partial summary judgement that officially adds “fraudster” to the list of descriptors of the Orange Ass.

Trump and his family businesses have been CANCELED in New York. A receiver will be appointed to dissolve Trump’s New York properties. Essentially, a corporate DEATH PENALTY for Trump Tower!!

What will Trump Tower in New York City be called in ten years??

Let’s have some fun with this one, okay?

As always, this is your free chat space for Thursday, so let’s get started. Jokes, cartoons, recipes, gossip, music, and news items — all welcome here.

Grab your coffee, and make it a great Thursday!