AMEX Cuts Lindell’s Line of Credit 90% – “They Just Crippled MyPillow!”

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Mike Lindell went on Steve Bannon’s show today to announce a fire sale on pillows, sheets, and slippers to desperately raise cash to keep his business afloat.

He said that American Express has just cut his company’s line of credit from $1 million to $100,000. This comes after his banks have canceled him and nearly every retailer has ceased to do business with him.

This has been like watching a slow-motion train wreck for Lindell’s 2,500 employees, as he squanders the profits and bankrupts his once-successful business to pursue the unholy grail of proving that Trump really won the 2020 election. 

Everything Trump Touches Dies.


“Steve, we really need everybody’s help right now. We have things going on I’m going to let you all know this week,” Lindell told fellow Trump ally Steve Bannon on the latter’s “War Room” podcast on Monday.

Lindell said on the podcast that a sudden reduction in MyPillow’s credit line with American Express was seriously affecting the company. Lindell told Bannon that MyPillow had been using American Express’s services for the past 15 years.

“Out of the blue, they took our credit line from a million dollars down to $100,000,” Lindell said. “Just cripples MyPillow. No reason, no explanation, just dropped it down last Tuesday.”


“If you do this, you do collapse us like American Express is trying to do,” he added. “And they — it was just, it’s just a terrible, terrible attack.”

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