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Happy Monday News Viewers, this first Monday in October, 2023. The first Monday in October is the beginning of the Supreme Court’s Term —.

The NYT states: “In the coming months the court will very likely agree to hear a major abortion case, one that could severely limit the availability of a drug used in more than half of all pregnancy terminations.” In addition, “Recent history suggests that the court’s six Republican appointees will continue to move the law to the right. The main questions are how far, how fast and what impact the questions swirling around the justices’ ethical standards will have on their judicial work and personal relationships.

Here on Monday’s free chat, we have an open forum, chat about anything of interest —SCOTUS starting out their term today is less interesting than many other topics — it’s significant, but how interesting can it be when SCOTUS is a branch of the GOP rather than a court independent of partisan pressure ? We know their decisions in advance.

I’m more interested in another kind of circus, one that’s more creative and unpredictable than other types of circus performances and/or clown shows…Ringling Brothers just kicked off their first tour since 2017, this time, without animals.

Whatever circus you find yourself in today — political, theatrical, domestic or social — feel free to chat about it — usual rules apply . . .What’s going on in your neck of the woods?


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