Trump Posts Court Sketch of Jesus Helping Him Through Legal Troubles

Jesus take the wheel and these 91 indictments away!

Trump reposted a tweet of a fake court sketch of Trump and a white Jesus with long hair next to him in the New York Court Room. The comment above the fake sketch implies Jesus is on Trump’s side and helped Trump get this far:

Trump’s fake court sketch attempts to place Jesus on his side in court. This type of rhetoric paints those who appose Trump as being against Jesus. This is the same Trump that recently tweeted out a picture of using alligators at the border to eat migrants and their children. Jesus said let the little children approach me. Trump, not so much. Yeah, that’s not very Jesus-like. 

The tweet also says Jesus helped Trump get “this far.” Are we to believe Jesus helped Trump overcome his Access Hollywood pussy-grabber tape, his demonization of migrants, his porn star hush payments, separating migrant children from parents, and using donations for legal fees? Jesus is co-signing all this? Trump is sitting in court charged with lying about his financials in order to commit financial fraud, and Jesus helped him get this far? Please. 


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