Lawyers Abandon MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell In Election Cases After Unpaid Millions in Legal Fees

Who’s laughing now? Nuff said.

After racking up millions of dollars in legal fees, the lawyers representing MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell are trying to drop him as a client, as Lindell and his company face defamation lawsuits over conspiracy theories about voting machine makers Dominion Voting Systems and Smartmatic. Parker Daniels Kibort went as far as to say that if they continued to represent Lindell and his company it could threaten “the ongoing business of the firm,” citing millions of dollars’ worth of additional discovery work.

Lindell told Forbes he had not paid his lawyers in a few months and didn’t blame them for retreating as “they have families and responsibilities.” Lindell called them “courageous lawyers” who knew they’d be attacked for taking his case. He said the lawyers approached him and said they couldn’t go on without getting paid. Lindell also reiterated that despite losing his lawyers he will “never” settle and will “fight until the end to secure these elections.”

Lindell became famous for his line of as-seen-on-TV pillows, but drew more attention in 2020 as a high-profile backer of former President Donald Trump’s false voter fraud claims following the 2020 election. Lindell is currently the subject of two separate defamation lawsuits over the conspiracy theories. The first is a $1.3 billion lawsuit filed by Dominion Voting Systems in DC. That voting machine company says Lindell falsely accused the company of rigging the 2020 presidential election. In Minnesota, Smartmatic, a different voting technology company, is also suing Lindell for deceptive trade practices and defamation. Smartmatic said Lindell “intentionally stoked the fires of xenophobia and party-divide for the noble purpose of selling his pillows,” the company said in its lawsuit. Despite these lawsuits and Lindell’s apparent money problems, he has not backed down from spreading claims of widespread election fraud that have been almost universally dismissed by election security experts and election administrators.

Lindell says he owes the attorneys “somewhere around $3 million to $4 million.”


This comes on the heels of all retailers cancelling his MyPillows, his banks cancelling him, AMEX closing his line of credit, the FBI seizing his phone, multiple lawsuits, and the IRS recently opening a tax fraud investigation of him.

Lindell was a true American success story. He went from homeless crack addict to hugely successful entrepreneur with 3,500 employees in Minnesota.

Then he met Donald Trump.

And everything that Trump touches dies.


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