Free Chat Friday, Week 40

Happy Friday News Viewers, another day that ends in Y. We’re used to those — we were adapting to them 24 hours at a time. Why? Because, Adapt or Die. Most people know this fact — we adapt and survive; we don’t adapt, and we die.


The only humans not adapting around here are the extremists — far right, far religious, Climate-Covid-Reality deniers, Cultists, Delusionals — and we are watching it happen in real time.

A GOP refusing to adapt to the 21st century truths of climate change, population growth, shifting paradigms at work and at home from industrial to information and tech, the call for humans to be MORE THAN exploited, exploiters and exploitable. . .

A GOP refusing to face the fact that it’s just not working any more, the notion of a special class of white, elite, moneyed old men controlling the rest of the humans whether we call it plutocracy, patriarchy, hierarchy, we seem to be outgrowing it. And new ideas for ways to thrive as a nation are starting to evolve, just as old ways of organizing communities continue their slow devolution, the downhill slide. Adapt or die.

Lots to talk about, macro and micro. We’re in the midst of it. — if only we knew what “it” really was. Let’s talk about it anyway. . . .we’re not watching history happen, we are that history that just happened. This is us. Adapting.

What has it been like this week — out there living in the middle of the history our kids, grandkids, great grandkids will read about, benefit from or possibly suffer from? I say let’s freely chat about it all— what’s on your mind today?

Who should be the next senator from California?