UPDATE to: Honor Student Loses Scholarship After Dancing Video Posted Online

Walker High School Principal Requests to Take Leave of Absence

Walker High School Principal Jason St. Pierre FAAFO

The principal of Walker High School has requested to take leave for the remainder of the 2023-2024 school year.

The district office is awaiting his paperwork to process his requWalker High School Principal Jason St. Pierreest.

 – Superintendent Joe Murphy

The announcement comes just one day after Pierre issued a public apology to Kaylee Timonet, a Walker High School student, and her family, following public backlash towards his decision to take away her school privileges.

Pierre took away the senior’s scholarship and removed her from the Student Government Association after a video surfaced of her dancing at a private party at an off-site location following homecoming.

The video in question of the homecoming afterparty was originally posted by a DJ promoting his business.


WALKER – The principal of Walker High School issued a statement Sunday reinstating a student’s scholarship and student government positions after revoking them due to a video of her dancing at a private party.

Kaylee Timonet had her position as a member of student government and a scholarship endorsement revoked after video of her dancing at a private, off-site location following Walker High School’s homecoming surfaced. The WHS principal, Jason St. Pierre, reasoned that the video was inappropriate, and according to Timonet’s mother, St. Pierre told her daughter she wasn’t “living in the Lord’s way.”

After the story received attention, St. Pierre issued a statement saying he apologized to the family, met with district staff, and said it was not “[his] responsibility to determine what students’ or others’ religious beliefs may be” in regard to what he said.

That post prompted a response from Kaylee via TikTok. In it, she rejected the apology and took issue with parts of the principal’s statement.

Kaylee says the matter has jeopardized the scholarship and suggested that legal action would follow.


This site is reporting it a little differently:

Walker High School Principal Resigns Following Criticism of Stripping Honor Student of Scholarship, Leadership Role

DATELINE: WALKER, La. — Hours after a lengthy apology was posted online and sent to parents and students, Walker High School principal Jason St. Pierre has stepped down, multiple sources confirm to Unfiltered with Kiran.

St. Pierre reportedly called faculty and staff into an emergency meeting Monday morning where he informed them he was stepping down and retiring, a move sources say caught some central office staff by surprise. It’s unknown who may replace him.

“Just thankful for the community and happy that no child will ever have to be in this situation again,” Kaylee Timonet’s mother Rachel told UWK following the resignation. “It’s too little, too late. I even told him on the phone conversation when he made it to us at noon today asking us to come into the office and he mentioned reinstating the scholarship, I let him know that the scholarship deadline was done, and the damage that he’s done to her is done. I also told him I gave them the opportunity when I came in there at 7 o’ clock the next morning, to try and rectify the situation at that point. Now, with somebody holding his hand forcing him to do something, an apology being enforced it’s too late,” said Rachel Timonet.

This site has the lengthy St. Pierre apology along with the even longer Timonet’s rejection of the apology.


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