Liveblog - ICYMI: October 09, 2023

With so much going on in our world, we sometimes miss important issues. Please feel free to share any headlines or new developments we may have missed providing they come from reliable and credible sources.  In other words, please do not post any missed headlines form far right ‘news’ sources or regurgitate their Russian propaganda unless you’re trying to point out that the far-right extremist in our country and elsewhere actually believe their own BS or Russian disinformation.   The same applies to what is currently happening in Israel. We also ask that you provide a link to your source so folks can read it if they want. Please do not make any claims that you cannot factually validate or verify.


He’ll Have to Check with Mother First:

The Orange Turd and His Mentally Challenged Child Yaps:


2024 Election:

Oh, FFS-Not Ready for Prime Time:

TFG and His Criminal Cartel’s Mounting Legal Woes:

Special Counsel Jack Smith Slams Trump’s Request for a Delay

Trump’s delay tactics should not be permitted, according to Special Counsel Smith’s latest filing

In the new response, the Special Counsel’s Office debunks the delays associated with providing discovery to Trump’s attorneys. To date, according to the Special Counsel, Trump has received more than 800,000 pages of discovery and more is being produced on a rolling basis. As with any criminal case, additional discovery is often produced up to a few weeks before trial, so this is nothing concerning. The Special Counsel makes clear that the defense has complete access to this unclassified discovery today, more than seven months before trial.


The Worst, Stupidest, and Most Deplorable People in the World:

Nope, not a KKKult:

Please Send Jaye Some ‘Thoughts and Prayers’ (or congratulate her!) for Getting Banned from a Shithole:

***Wear it as a badge of honor, Jaye!

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