Throwback Thursday: Jim Jordan Admits More Than One Phone Call to Trump on January 6

Check out today’s Throwback Thursday, from August 29, 2021

From News Views:

Ohio Rep Jim Jordan has previously stated he talked to Trump on January 6, but he just can’t remember when.

Now he’s saying there was at least one more conversation with Trump on that deadly day.

“Look, I definitely spoke to the president that day. I don’t recall — I know it was more than once, I just don’t recall the times,” Jordan told a Politico reporter.

A source with knowledge of the call said that Florida Man Matt Gaetz joined Jordan on a call during which the two tried to convince Trump to tell his supporters to stand down.

When asked whether Gaetz had joined him on a call, Jordan said he’d “have to think about it,” citing many conversations he had during the frenetic attack. He also said phone calls to Trump happened more than once on that deadly day.

Jordan also said that at least one of the phone calls was during the siege because he remembers being in the “safe room” at the time, referring to a still undisclosed location where congress members were evacuated to.

Neither Jordan nor Gaetz are releasing any information about the specifics of any conversations with Trump that day. Jordan did say that like everyone, they wanted the National Guard involved.

The Democrat-led January 6 investigatory committee is expected to soon seek phone records of members of Congress.

Also from the Politico source:

A spokesperson for Gaetz, who has supported Trump’s decisions on Jan. 6, said: “Congressman Gaetz speaks with President Trump regularly and doesn’t disclose the substance of those discussions with the media.”

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