Is it Speaker Johnson Time?

If elected as Speaker, would be a bigly MAGA win

On Tuesday night after 10pm, the Republicans elevated Louisiana Rep. Mike Johnson as the next speaker designate to be put to a floor vote on Wednesday at noon.

After 22 days without a Speaker of the House, Johnson is the fourth candidate selected by Republicans for the open position, and the second in one day as House Majority Whip Tom Emmer lasted only four hours and 10 minutes before withdrawing on Tuesday.

According to Punchbowl News:

Johnson stands a good chance of reaching 217 votes, while it may be tough — he can only lose four votes. Both Steve Scalise and Jim Jordan have offered their support.

During the closed-door roll call vote, there were three Republicans who voted “present” and 23 others who were absent. Among those absent included Tom Emmer, who claimed to support Johnson.

This looks like the last chance for Republicans to elect a speaker who would owe Democrats zilch, zip, nada — and if it fails, it appears the next step would be to elect the temporary bow-tied speaker Patrick McHenry along with Democrats’ help as an extended speaker for an undetermined amount of time.

Who is Mike Johnson??

He’s one of 139 election deniers who voted to dispute the electoral college count in 2020 — but with a low profile.

The Louisiana Republican is the son of a Shreveport firefighter badly injured and disabled on the job. The now congressman worked as a college professor, conservative talk radio host and columnist. But it was his roles on behalf of several religious groups — as an attorney and spokesperson — that launched his political career. Johnson is married with four children. If he’s elected, Johnson will enter the speakership as a man with exceedingly modest means. Johnson has at least $280,000 in debt and no disclosed assets.

Punchbowl News

If Johnson should win election, there would be two Louisianans at the leadership table along with Chuck Schumer, Mitch McConnell, Hakeem Jeffries and President Biden to solve the government funding issue looming.

This would be like advancing from tee-ball straight to the World Series.

Supporting source The Hill