Free Chat Friday, Week 43

We usually say “Happy Friday, News Viewers” to begin today’s free chat, but today it doesn’t feel happy–better words for today might be sad Friday? tragic, baffling, horrifying Friday? SSDD Friday, WTF Friday? The possibilities—wow.

The new Speaker of the House has already spoken, saying now is the time to pray (what better time?🙄) but NOT the time to talk about legislation (tasteless! shame on you all!) And so let’s call his Friday greeting “back to bed” Friday, avoid work at all costs Friday, “It’s not the guns, it’s the human heart Friday” or “Thoughts, Prayers and a Toothy Smile” Friday — messages our new Speaker is forecasting to us so we can be reminded that just because someone is talking doesn’t mean they have anything to say.


There are many powerful cartoons this week — I’ve only posted a few in hopes you’ll put up what you find. If I had a title for the week, the escalating wars and the shooting in Maine, it would be something like, “Hey, Look at What I Can Do!” /sarc and /sad. . . . as a way to emphasize the attention seeking and narcissistic nature of dramatic, public and shocking acts. Just like an empty speech by a gasbag of a Speaker, such acts may seem to do the talking and yet fail to say anything of meaning.

This is Friday’s Free Chat and there is a macro and a micro clump of topics to discuss. You know the rules, what’s on your mind?

Who should be the next senator from California?