Judge Orders Princess Ivanka to Appear in Daddy’s Fraud Trial

“I want to see her in person. That is how we prefer testimony. A trial is a search for the truth, and the law is entitled to every person’s evidence,”-Judge Engoron

Judge Arthur Engoron decided from the bench Friday morning that Princess Ivanka must appear in her father’s NY fraud trial.

Ivanka’s attorney, Bennet Moskowitz argued that the state’s justification for bringing Ivanka to the courtroom “falls on its face “because she “neither lives nor has done business in New York since 2017.”

State attorney Kevin Wallace defended the subpoenas by arguing Ivanka Trump was a former Trump Organization executive who was the main contact with lenders for Trump’s Washington D.C. Old Post Office hotel. Wallace added that Ivanka Trump still owns properties in New York and operates business here.

It’s unclear when Princess Ivanka will grace the court with her presence.

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