House GOP Continues Fanning Flames Internally

The Honeymoon is Over

Tensions remain high within the GOP House of the Flying Monkeys, and in private some Republicans are admitting it will be difficult for the members to get past all of the hard feelings and grudges created during a 22-day standoff to replace Kevin McCarthy as SPINO (Speaker in Name Only).

There are the private remarks like this:

"Ultimately what may end up happening is you have to get back in the minority to clean the House," one GOP lawmaker said of what may need to happen for members to get past the tensions.  

And there are public remarks like these (in the video below) between Matt Gaetz and Jason Smith, Chairman of the House Ways and Means committee.

Gaetz has continued to drag his nemesis McCarthy as the spearhead of the delays, accusing him of derailing the Scalise and Jordan nominations.

Jason Smith (from Missouri’s 8th District, Land of the MAGA Ozarks, where you can hear the banjoes trying to drown out the squealing of the pigs) said bad things about Florida Man Matt Gaetz, including calling him a “fullish” liar.

(You can hear it in the clip below, if you don’t believe me.)

And Gaetz went there, implying Smith is gay, which would certainly upset the latest SPINO Mike Johnson.

Will House MAGA Flying Monkeys tolerate this supposed deception in the latest version of complete loyalty to the Wicked Witch of Mar-a-Lago?

Stay tuned to further episodes of As the GOP House Burns.

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