Ohio Woman Charged With ‘Serial Killings’, Met Men for Sex Before Fatally Drugging Them

Ohio AG Dave Yost said, “Don’t buy sex in Ohio — it ruins lives and could cost you yours”

An Ohio woman was charged in connection to the deaths of at least four men she had met for sex, authorities said, in what could be a burgeoning serial killer case.

Rebecca Auborn, 33, is accused robbing and fatally drugging victims on Jan. 15, April 1, April 13 and June 17 this year, according to joint statement about the “serial killings” by Attorney General Dave Yost and Columbus Police Chief Elaine Bryant.

The indictment also includes allegations she robbed and tried to fatally drug a man on Dec. 13 last year. Detectives believe “that additional victims may exist” and asked for anyone familiar with “Auborn’s activities between December 2022 and August 2023” in northeast Columbus to call police.



Columbus Ohio is about a 2 1/2 hour drive from Youngstow, on what they call the South West route.

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