MAGAt Mike Johnson and the GQP unveil their plan to avert a government shutdown next week

Congress has until Friday night to keep the government funded. The House plans to vote on its short-term funding bill as early as Tuesday.

On Saturday, the Clown House unveiled their plan to keep the government open.

Just two and a half weeks into the job, Speaker Mike Johnson, R-La., opted to go with a two-step continuing resolution, or CR, over a more typical funding extension covering the entire federal government. The untested funding approach is aimed at appeasing far-right agitators in his GOP conference who despise CRs.

The House is expected to vote as early as Tuesday to give members 72 hours to read the text of the bill, according to two people familiar with matter. The plan does not include budget cuts or aid for Israel.

  • MAGAt Mike and other Clown House residents call it a, “laddered CR.”
  • The plan is designed to avoid a messy showdown right before the holidays and buy Johnson and House Republicans more time to pass individual spending bills.
  • The laddered plan has the backing of Congress’ most conservative members, including Republicans who normally never vote for stopgap bills. If Johnson could get a temporary funding bill passed with only Republican votes, that would help him notch an early win among conservatives.

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