Talko Tuesday: November 14, 2023

Good morning, News Viewers! So how is it going in your world? I’m watching my local news, mainly for the weather forecast; their ‘bright and sunny’ attitude is a bit too much to deal with this early in the morning but, that’s irrelevant.

LEAVES! Big, huge, brown leaves from my 100 year-old Sycamore that are all over my front yard and will not go anywhere in the next few days because we will have rain off and on for most of the week beginning today. My Japanese maple hasn’t started to shed yet; it’s just mesmerizing everyone with its beautiful, burgundy leaves. Fall is beautiful but such a mess.

Blowing leaves reminds me of washing your car right before it rains; you just have to do it again, and again, and even another time shortly thereafter because of rain. So, I’m going to be a slob and let the leaves stay (or blow down the street and become someone else’s problem or mesh with their leaves) because I am not into the wash, rinse, and repeat thing.

So, tell me about your fall foliage or fall mess. I just talked about my front yard. The backyard now has pomegranate, Asian pear, and fig leaves all over it’ my grapes haven’t begun to shed, which is odd. Oh, and I am over pomegranates right now; we had a bumper crop and I’m just tired of dealing with them.

Happy Tuesday and be safe!

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