“As the House Turns” — Another Day of Chest Thumping and Tough Talk by Hill Dwellers in Pricey Suits

”You know where to find me. Anyplace, Anytime cowboy,” Teamster Sean O’ Brien to Sen Markwayne Mullin…..

Mullin, McCarthy, Burchett

From USA Today

: “It was a day befitting of a 13% approval rating.”

Lawmakers on Capitol Hill engaged in heated verbal exchanges and startling physical aggressions as Americans faced serious challenges at home and abroad.

In a dizzying day that saw House Speaker Mike Johnson cobble together a bipartisan plan to pay the country’s bills and avoid a government shutdown before the Friday deadline, his predecessor, Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., was accused of sucker punching a rival.

Tensions in the House on Tuesday also boiled over during an oversight hearing where a powerful committee chairman lashed out about how a member “looked like a Smurf.”

AND in the Senate, a senator named “Markwayne” Mullin, of Oklahoma, stood up and challenged a union leader to fight during a committee hearing. After his dramatic display of chest thumping, Mullin explained to the press that there was a long tradition of solving problems with colleagues in our republic through the use of force– he even used Andrew Jackson, a particular idol of Trump, as an example as Jackson once took a cane to a colleague who disagreed with him. Legislation — testosterone style.

Time states “The two incidents on Capitol Hill underscored the deepening divisions and personal animosities within the political arena just days ahead of a potential government shutdown, raising concerns about the state of civility and decorum among elected officials. A recent poll from Pew found that positive views of many governmental and political institutions are at historic lows, with just 16% of the public saying they trust the federal government always or most of the time.”

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