MAGAt Mike Releases Some Red Meat to the Deranged and Deplorable MAGAt base: J6 Video Footage that We’ve Already Seen

Speaker of the House and Christian Nationalist/Fundie Freak, MAGAt MiKKKe Johnson took off where the ousted, former Speaker McQarthy left off: Make good on promises to the MAGAt base to make available 40,000 hours of “…all (of) the January 6 tapes…”

However, what the mentally challenged, GQP base fails to grasp is:

  • The tapes that MAGAt MiKKKe released have already been released or released to the media and are nothing new or anything we have not already seen.
  • Part of MAGAt MiKKKe’s video compilation includes a benign video showing people entering the Capitol like they would normally on any given day. This is what MAGAt MiKKKe, TFG, and MAGAt base would like us to believe happened:
  • Buried in Johnson’s lengthy tweet is a caveat which makes this release that MAGA is celebrating, not what it seems. Johnson is planning on processing all the unreleased footage first to blur out faces. (This could take years….41K video tapes. Do the McMath, MAGAts.
  • It may be quite a while until any unreleased footage is processed, and once it is, the MAGA folks won’t be able to identify any of the supposed “deep state” actors, Antifa agitators, or “ghost bus” crews they are looking for.

Who should be the next senator from California?

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