No, GQPers, There Was Not a Terrorist Attack on US-Canada Border

A car went airborne and exploded near the New York-Canadian border. After authorities found no explosives or any connections to terrorism, the FBI referred the incident to Niagara Falls police as a traffic investigation. A 56 year old man from western NY crashed his car today at high speed near the Rainbow Bridge border checkpoint from the US into Canada. He was reportedly supposed to be at a Kiss concert that was cancelled, so he decided to go to a Niagara Falls casino in Canada with his wife in their $300,000 Bentley. Unfortunately for them, they both died in a fiery crash.

But, with all the information available and just a mouse click away from obtaining it, that didn’t stop MAGAt world for creating their own set of facts, Alt-Facts, lead by none other than, Fox ‘News.’

MAGAt MiKKKe, Speaker of the House:

And after all the conspiratorial bullshit they inspired, Fox ‘News’ finally tries to walk back their bogus claims but really doesn’t:

Who should be the next senator from California?

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