George Santos Says He Expects to be Expelled

George Santos said he felt like the “it girl” when he was first elected in 2022 and that everybody wanted him, “until nobody wanted me.”

On Friday the New York Rep said he won’t resign from Congress, but does expect to be expelled from the House, as he lashed out with salacious accusations at other members of Congress, and called the chair of the Ethics Committee a “p***y”.

In an “X Space” hosted by journalist Monica Matthews, Santos claimed:

  • Resignation would be an admittance of “everything that’s on that report.”
  • He would defend himself “to the end of time.”
  • That the ethics report was biased, and goaded Ethics Committee Chair Michael Guest (R-Miss.) to “stop being a p***y” and force a vote on his expulsion resolution.
  • Congress is “felons galore” and filled with “people with all sorts of shiesty backgrounds.”
  • His colleagues were “a bunch of hypocrites,” accusing them of extramarital affairs, getting drunk with lobbyists and then missing votes due to hangovers, and handing out voting cards like “candy” to allow others to vote on their behalf.

“If you want to expel me, I’ll wear it like a badge of honor,” Santos said. “I’ll be the sixth expelled member of Congress. I’m not leaving,” Santos emphasized. “These people need to understand, it’s done when I say it’s done.”

The Hill, Axios

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