Tragic Revelation: Colts Owner Jim Irsay cries “No Fair”; Claims past DUI arrest happened because he’s a rich, white billionaire

“If I’m just the average guy down the block, they’re not pulling me in, of course not,” added Irsay, whose net worth is $4.3 billion, according to Forbes. . . .

Per CNN: Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay said in a newly released interview he was “prejudiced against” for being a “rich, White billionaire” when he was arrested for driving while intoxicated in 2014. Irsay pled guilty later that year to one misdemeanor count of operating a vehicle while intoxicated but, in an HBO interview that aired on Tuesday, the 64-year-old cited his wealth and status as the reason for the arrest.

“I am prejudiced against because I’m a rich, White billionaire,” Irsay said in an interview with Andrea Kremer on Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel.

On March 16, 2014, Irsay was arrested and charged with operating a vehicle while intoxicated and possession of a controlled substance in Carmel, Indiana. At the time of the arrest, police said they found prescription drugs in pill bottles. Police said the drugs were not associated with any prescription bottles in the vehicle. The probable cause affidavit indicates that the Colts owner’s speech was “slow and slurred,” his eyes were “red and glassy” and his balance was “very unsteady.” He failed a number of field sobriety tests, had trouble reciting the alphabet and told an officer “that he was having a hard time finding his house.”

According to courtroom evidence, Irsay had the painkillers oxycodone and hydrocodone in his system when he was arrested. Irsay also blamed the failed sobriety test on a bad hip following surgery, saying that he could “barely walk at all” and that he only pled guilty to the misdemeanor to “get it over with.” The documentary episode of Real Sports on HBO ran Thanksgiving Day.

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