Biden Campaign Refuses to Abandon “X” as Hostility Increases

As “X” (formerly known as Twitter) continues to sink into a sewer-level platform, the Biden campaign and the White House say it would be a mistake to abandon Elon Musk’s mess.

The White House acknowledges they no longer see “X” as a place where they can actually build useful voter relations or even engage in level political discourse, and they see it as a hostile place.

Aides continue to tweet — as does the president — even while the platform is dominated by “a lot of hate right wing actors and disinformation.” They debated, internally, the merits of leaving the platform, but determined it would be a mistake to leave even the crass political debates unattended.

Instead, Team Biden on “X” plans to continue slamming the Former Guy, aggressively calling out news outlets and reporters, and mocking pundits.

An example was White House Deputy Press Secretary Andrew Bates pointing out another deception by Fox News.

Sleepy, Crooked Brandon in real time also called out the Fox reporter as stupid.

Even as Biden allies battle it out in the social media sandbox, the campaign has not spent a dollar in advertising on Musk’s playtoy.

While Democratic officials have largely soured on X over the years, they’ve found it difficult to find a replacement platform that serves similar reach and utility. And a number of prominent Democratic lawmakers — including California Rep. Adam Schiff and Pennsylvania Sen. John Fetterman — continue to advertise on X.

“It’s still the best place to share quick, targeted information to media and politics professionals, which is very useful,” said a former Twitter employee, granted anonymity to speak candidly about their former employer.

Some also fear that leaving X could create a vacuum of misinformation, disinformation and bad news that would go unchecked.


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