Jesse Watters Claims a Democrat’s Dog Bit Him in the Groin

Fox News mouthpiece Jesse Watters said a big dog bit him in the groin over the Thanksgiving break.

(Is the dog okay?)

On Monday’s episode of Jesse Watters Primetime, the Fox host explained that he had encountered a woman with a big dog on a hike in a nature preserve. The dog was wet from swimming in a pond, according to the woman, which Jesse thought made the woman crazy because it was 37 degrees.

The woman was struggling a bit to control the dog, so Watters said he tried to give the dog some room as they passed by, but the dog managed to chomp onto his groin and “takes a chunk” out of his hand.

When Watters asked the cameraman to zoom in on his hand, there was a red mark that looked like a bite.

“I mean, thank God she bit me. She didn’t bite someone litigious like Judge Jeanine. She would have been tied up in court for a year.”

Watters also claims he knows the dog’s owner was a Democrat because there was a Subaru Outback in the nature preserve parking lot, and also the woman didn’t know who he was.

The incident happened only two weeks after Watters told his Fox friends that he had gotten rid of a family dog when it “didn’t work out.”

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