Crossing the Political Aisle Becomes a Sexual Fetish For Some

Slow News Day at the Washington Post?

The Washington Post has published a saucy exposé in the world of underground sexual fetishes, one that is based on the participants’ politics.

According to the article, there is apparently a niche market that includes adult-video-sharing websites that create content for those who get turned on by being politically humiliated. This small group gathers at “dungeons,” private parties, and online.

There are people who get turned on by the idea of having their political views mocked, usually (but not always) by members of the opposing political group. Liberals desire being dominated by conservatives and called pejoratives that imply they are weak and unintelligent, while conservatives want to be mocked for supporting former president Donald Trump, among other perceived transgressions, according to those who participate in this subculture.

This type of role-playing grew during the Trump administration, when profiles were created using descriptions such as “hot conservative girls who make liberals cry,” “Triggered Liberal Snowflake,” and “Ivanka Tramp.”

Ivanka Tramp shoes

Ivanka Tramp videos are a hit with conservative men.

“This is my most taboo, embarrassing kink,” they tell her. “It’s very embarrassing to be so turned on by being mocked and coyly made fun of about all the things you hate.”

Opposites Attract

Unlike in the non-fetish world, where most Biden and Trump supporters have few friends who vote for the opposing candidate, in the fetish world, political opposites mingle. And if you are into political fetishes you may become, ironically, more open-minded to the opposing side’s views — according to those interviewed by the Washington Post.

  • One liberal man described his fantasy as wearing a Trump dog collar (sold on Trump’s campaign website) and being walked around a Walmart to pick out a dog bone.
  • Another liberal who works in the auto-insurance industry said his dream fantasy was having Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert force him “to vote straight red Donald Trump.”

According to one researcher at the Kinsey Institute who looked at the fantasies of 4,000 Americans, those who reported fantasies about politicians chose those with sexual reputations. Therefore, Republicans with Democratic fantasies lusted after the likes of John F. Kennedy and Bill Clinton. Democrats, on the other hand, pined for Sarah Palin.

  • While this survey was conducted before the Trump administration, one woman mentioned Trump as part of a fantasy involving having sex with someone repulsive. Others she fantasized about were Osama bin Laden and Hells Angels bikers.

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