Customer Sues Chopt Restaurant Over Salad That  Contained a Piece of Manager’s Finger

A woman eating a salad at a New York restaurant this year discovered part of a finger in her food when she bit into the partially severed digit, according to a lawsuit filed Monday against the restaurant, Chopt.  

The suit, filed in Westchester County Supreme Court, alleges that the finger belonged to a manager who had been cutting arugula on April 7 when she chopped off part of her left pointer finger. 

The employee went to the hospital and left the contaminated arugula in the service line, the suit alleges. According to the suit, the incident caused the plaintiff “serious personal injuries,” including traumatic stress, cognitive impairment, vomiting and shoulder pain.


This is hardly the first time a customer has allegedly found a human finger in their food. In 2016, pregnant California woman filed a claim saying she found a bloody fingertip in a salad at an Applebee’s restaurant in Paso Robles.

In California, a pregnant woman discovered a bloody fingertip in her salad in 2016 when she dined at an Applebee’s restaurant in Paso Robles.

In 2010, a Florida woman sued IHOP after she allegedly found the severed tip of a human finger in her fried chicken green salad.

In 2005, a man allegedly found part of a severed finger packed inside a pint of frozen custard he’d bought from a Kohl’s Frozen Custard shop in North Carolina. 


✱ Westchester County Health Department fined Chopt $900.

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