Musk Creates a Narrative for the Death of “X”

The weird and outrageous owner of “X,” the platform formerly known as Twitter, appears to be creating a scapegoat narrative for the pending death of his social media business.

During an interview at a New York Times DealBook summit on Wednesday, the attention grabbing headline was that Elon Musk told advertisers to GFY — Go f*** yourselves.

(Musk seemed to name Bob Iger of Disney specifically, who was also at the event.)

Musk then seemed to consider himself the victim of an advertising boycott that would likely doom “X” to the dustbin of failure.

"What the advertising boycott is going to do is it's going to kill the company. The whole world will know that those advertisers killed the company and we will document it in great detail. Let's see how Earth responds."

Throughout his chaotic ownership of “X,” Musk has sued or threatened to sue any entities he sees as a cause for advertisers to pause or flee, but the latest kerfuffle stems from a post from Musk himself that cited “the actual truth” that accused Jewish communities of spreading “dialectical hatred against whites.”

Surprisingly, Musk did admit that his “actual truth” comment was “foolish.” He even apologized and said he is sorry onstage. 

However, he does not apologize for spreading violence-prone conspiracy theories. Just yesterday, he posted a meme endorsing Pizzagate, a tin-foil hat theory that blames high-ranking Democrats of child sex trafficking. He did, at least, delete the post.

Musk appears to be setting the stage for the failure of “X,” but by blaming large corporations who “hate free speech” as the ones at fault rather than anything he’s done himself during his tumultuous tenure as its owner.

Forbes, TechCrunch