House Speaker Johnson Says God Intended For Him to be Moses


Christian nationalists gathered Tuesday night at the Museum of the Bible in Washington, D.C, for a National Association of Christian Lawmakers gala at which House Speaker Mike Johnson delivered the keynote address and received the NACL’s American Patriot Award for Christian Honor and Courage.

When Johnson took to the stage, he thanked the NACL for banning media from the event, claiming that the media loves to “pick my comments out of context.” Of course, banning the media from attending doesn’t accomplish much if the event is livestreamed on social media, which is exactly what NACL founder Jason Rapert did on his Facebook page.

Johnson began his remarks by claiming that weeks before he became House Speaker, God began preparing him to lead the nation through “a Red Sea moment.” Johnson said he didn’t know what that meant at the time, but assumed it meant that he was to serve as an Aaron to someone else’s Moses. But, it turned out, God intended for him to be that Moses.

“The Lord impressed upon my heart a few weeks before this happened that something was going to occur. And the Lord very specifically told me in my prayers to prepare, but to wait.”

“I had this sense that we were going to come to a Red Sea moment in our Republican conference and in the county at large. [God] had been speaking to me about this, and the Lord told me very clearly to prepare and be ready.”

“The Lord began to wake me up, through this three-week process, in the middle of night to speak to me,  [telling me] to write things down; plans, procedures, and ideas on how we could pull the [Republican] conference together.”

“At the time, I assumed the Lord was going to choose a new Moses and thank you, Lord, you’re going to allow me to be Aaron to Moses.”

But then Johnson watched as candidate after candidate failed to generate the necessary Republican support to win the Speakership. “Ultimately 13 people ran for the post. And the Lord kept telling me to, ‘Wait, wait, wait,’” Johnson recalled. “So I waited, I waited. And then at the end … the Lord said, ‘Now step forward.’” Johnson regaled the audience with his surprise to be tapped as the Moses figure: “Me?” Johnson said. “I’m supposed to be Aaron.” But that was not the message, Johnson insisted, recalling: “‘Now,’ the Lord said, ‘Step forward.’”




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