What We Know About Wednesday’s Mass Shooting in Las Vegas, NV

And another mass shooting in the Good Ol’ US of A occured in Las Vegas, Nevada. This time, “a man who once applied for a professorship at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas allegedly opened fire on campus Wednesday, killing three and injuring another in a ‘heinous’ incident that shattered the peace at the school, officials said.”

ABC News sources identified the suspect as Anthony Polito, 67, who had applied for a college professorship at UNLV, but was not hired.

Anthony Polito Named as Professor Accused of Mass Shooting at UNLV

The suspect is deceased, Las Vegas Metropolitan police wrote. Polito was first named by ABC News, citing sources. Authorities have not formally named him. ABC7 reported that he lived in Henderson, Nevada, and that authorities were scouring his writings, which included a fascination with the Zodiac serial killer.

On a website using the name Tony Polito, the suspect claimed to have solved the Zodiac killer’s famous cipher, naming a well-known suspect. He also wrote that he had “lived in Georgia, Iowa, Nevada, New York, North Carolina, Virginia and Wyoming. In my travels, I especially enjoyed Jackson Hole, The Outer Banks, Key West … and, of course, Durham.” His strongest academic ties appear to have been in North Carolina.

Authorities have determined that the victims who were killed in the shooting were faculty or staff, not students. That suggests the attack was not entirely random, but it’s not clear yet if he knew the particular individuals.

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