Mike Lindell Has High Hopes for Supreme Court

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Predicts 9-0 Ruling


During his Lindell Report appearance, Lindell said that the cases would be heard because “the difference right now” is that “the public is well aware” that the 2020 election was “stolen.”

Lindell argued that widespread adoption of his false election fraud beliefs would force the media to take the claims more seriously and put “pressure” on judges to take up related cases and rule in favor of the falsehoods.

“If you’re a judge, you’ve got a little more pressure on you,” Lindell said. “The Supreme Court will have to [do] what they do to protect our country…As these cases start getting there, it’s not going to be a 5-4 vote or a 6-3 vote. They’re going to have to start really being judges. This isn’t to be political thing. If it doesn’t happen now where these judges, especially the Supreme Court, stands up for our country, it’s over.”


Previously, Lindell had predicted that the Supreme Court would rule 9-0 to reinstate Trump to the presidency by Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving 2021 that is.

Mike Lindell Says Trump’s Reinstatement is Now Thanksgiving

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