UPDATE: Man Faces Attempted Murder Charge After Viral Video of Attack on Judge

Deobra Redden appears in Judge Kary Kay Holthus’ courtroom for sentencing

Prosecutors filed a criminal complaint on Monday, charging Deobra Redden, 30, with attempted murder against an older person, battery on a protected person resulting in substantial bodily harm against an older person, extortion, intimidating a public officer with threat of force, disregarding the safety of a person resulting in substantial bodily harm, battery by a probationer or parolee, unlawful act regarding fluid by a prisoner in confinement, and six counts of battery on a protected person, court records show.


Redden hit Judge Kary Kay Holthus  on the head and pulled her hair during the attack, when he was restrained by officers, an attorney and the judge’s clerk, according to an arrest report.

Six uniformed officers escorted Redden into court on Monday. He appeared in a blue Clark County Detention Center uniform, shackled in a full face mask acting as a spit guard and orange restraint gloves. A court order filed Friday indicates Redden was ordered to be transported to the hearing “by all means necessary.”


Redden appeared before Judge Holthus on Monday, wearing several restraints: his face was covered by a mask, he was shackled, and his hands appeared to be covered by protective padding.

At Monday’s hearing, Holthus was clear that the “sole purpose” of the appearance was to finish last week’s sentencing hearing. Any issues stemming from that incident, the judge said, will be “handled at a future date by a different court.”  

Holthus emphasized that she is “not changing or modifying” the sentence she intended to issue last week before she was “interrupted,” and said her calendar page from that day indicating her intended sentence will be made part of the record. She ultimately sentenced Redden to 19 to 48 months in prison. Redden, who was surrounded by several guards during the hearing, didn’t appear to make any moves or respond.


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